Humboldt Greens for Democracy and Independence

Humboldt Greens for Democracy and Independence (Humboldt GDI) is a primarily formed campaign committee to support the election of Greg Allen, Heidi Calton and Xandra Manns to the Steering Committee of the Green Party of Humboldt County (GPHC).

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Green Party Steering Committee Candidates Call for Substance Over Spending

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Attention: For Immediate Release

Green Party Steering Committee Candidates Call for Substance Over Spending

Allen, Calton and Manns unite as Humboldt Greens for Democracy and Independence,
sign Green IDEA pledge to keep the Green Party independent of Democrats & Republicans

Issuing a challenge for substance over spending on the part of a well-heeled opposition slate, a press conference hosted by Green Party Steering Committee candidates is called for Thursday, May 25 at 12:15 p.m. on the steps of the Humboldt County Courthouse in Eureka, where they will stake their claim for the future direction of the Green Party.

At the press conference, Greg Allen, Heidi Calton and Xandra Manns will detail their agenda as the newly formed Humboldt Greens for Democracy and Independence (Humboldt GDI), a campaign committee which they regard as an unfortunate, but necessary step to ensure the autonomy of the local Green Party.

“Greens have so much transformative potential and our Steering Committee continues to facilitate the debates necessary for our party to learn and grow,” said candidate Xandra Manns. “I want to join Greg and Heidi on the Steering Committee because my experience on the Eureka Greens and as a city planner has taught me to welcome differences of opinion and to foster a climate for meaningful discussion that leads to the best possible Green result or action.”

Allen, Calton and Manns formed Humboldt GDI based on the principles of the national GDI or Greens for Democracy and Independence movement (, which advocates a clean break with the two-party system in favor of a more authentic democracy. Green candidates across California developed GDI ideas into the Green IDEA pledge, which reads:

Political Independence: I will keep my campaign independent of money-driven corporate parties and will remain independent if elected. I insist that the Green Party do the same. I reject lesser-evilism, and oppose endorsement of, or fusion with, corporate parties or their candidates. I insist that the Green Party do the same.

Internal Democracy: As I support greater democracy in our society, I support it within the Green Party.
I advocate fair, competitive elections, ranked choice voting, and proportional representation. I advocate democratic processes for internal decision-making. I encourage contested elections for Green Party county councils.

Membership Empowerment: Throughout my campaign and if elected, I will empower the electorate by establishing and maintaining good communications with my constituents. I insist that the Green Party empower its membership with better communication between elected and appointed leaders of the party, party activists, and the party's general membership. I encourage the use of technology to improve that communication, with enforceable standards of respectful and civil discourse.

Leadership Accountability: Throughout my campaign and if elected, I will practice the highest ethical standards and to adhere to all applicable laws and bylaws regarding campaign practices, finances and reporting. I support transparency of process and finances within the government and in the Green Party. I support the principles of open party governance, as embodied in the Brown Act. I insist on the highest ethical standards within the Green Party, and will adhere to party bylaws, and complete and open reporting of all financial transactions.

The formation of Humboldt GDI was spurred by a mass mailing sent to registered Green Party voters across Humboldt County by a previously unknown campaign committee called “Go Green Humboldt” which lists “P.O. Box 406, Eureka” as its only contact information. This campaign circular, copies of which will be made available at the press conference, contains a number of negative inferences towards the local Green Party along with statements urging votes in favor of a slate of six Steering Committee candidates, some of whom have attended only one Steering Committee meeting before, or even none at all.

“Our party has bills to pay and the same people who were supposedly responsible for fundraising are instead diverting these donor dollars towards a petty faction fight with this misleading mass mailer,” said candidate Greg Allen. “I wish the public knew how much money has been wasted on this, but the Go Green committee has failed to file any record of their existence with County Elections or with the Fair Political Practices Committee, a clear violation of campaign law. I don’t see how these people are going to help the credibility of the Green Party by ignoring basic standards of transparency and accountability.”

Allen and Calton say they are running on their record as incumbents who have improved the functioning and effectiveness of the Steering Committee to bring the Green Party to its most visible and effective position ever in Humboldt County.

“I want to continue addressing the needs of all our members, and I also want to do more to meet the needs of small businesses and ensure their rightful place in our community’s dialogue,” said candidate Heidi Calton. “I don’t want to engage in any infighting with other Greens, but this mailer from Go Green Humboldt was put out without consulting other members of the Green Party, which doesn’t feel very respectful or inclusive to me. I see them saying unity, but I don’t feel it.”

For more information, please contact the Humboldt GDI candidates – Greg Allen can be reached at or at 825-0826. Heidi Calton can be reached at or at 443-1734. Xandra Manns can be reached at or at 441-0702. Also on-line is the Humboldt GDI website at


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